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Cash Handling Devices

Right-sizing equipment to ensure maximum return.

A vital part of the Deposita approach to process redesign and simplification is the use of cash handling devices, such as cash recyclers and/or smart safes.  We recognize that the automation of counting, dispensing and basic accounting is essential for driving labor savings. This technology is also an important driver for where Deposita differs; capturing and then leveraging data to drive optimization across your entire cash ecosystem, not just one part (notably, the Cash Office).
Our scrutiny does not stop once the hardware is in place. In fact, it just begins. We continue to drive efficiencies and optimization by integrating with our market-leading cash management platform, KOYUS®; using transactional data to drive efficiencies and savings without compromising service or operations.
Hardware alone will only get you so far. Our goal is to work in partnership with our clients’ teams to truly understand their business, to secure the best possible return on their investment.
Explore the elements of our approach that bring this to life below.

Agnostic Approach

Right-size hardware to ensure maximum return

Source the right cash handling devices to meet your exact needs via Deposita’s agnostic approach to device selection. Deposita’s independent viewpoint and strong partnerships with an array of technology players in the market ensures we take an objective view when assessing your requirements.

We make non-biased assessments of the best options available to meet your business goals. Our successful track record of working with many providers on successful programs, and in integrating their technology with KOYUS®, ensures we can deliver you robust solutions, fast.

Deposita takes pride in staying at the forefront of technical developments by working closely and collaboratively with our partners, and leveraging our agnostic stance to maintain our market leader position.

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Multi-Vendor Integration

Launch robust solutions, fast

Create the integrated solution you desire without compromising on hardware choices. Regardless of your technology infrastructure – existing or future – Deposita’s successful track record of integrating KOYUS® with an array of systems and devices in the market means we can build robust, integrated solutions fast.

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Cash Recyclers

Using our purchasing power to enhance solutions

Cash Recyclers essentially are cash handling devices that can dispense and accept cash, accurately validating notes, calculating balances and securely storing cash. The cash that is deposited into a recycler is the very same cash that will be dispensed from it: cash is stored in separate cassettes by denomination, ready to be dispensed in future transactions (i.e. the cash is ‘recycled’).

An important first step in driving labor efficiencies through automating basic accounting tasks, Cash Recyclers are a key component of our solutions for Large Format stores. Importantly, Cash Recyclers also allow us to capture detailed transactional data which when transferred to KOYUS®, enables Deposita to drive optimization across your entire cash ecosystem, often with little additional effort on your part.

As the largest purchaser of cash recyclers in North America, not only do we have a thorough understanding of the mechanics and applications of cash recyclers, we also use our purchasing power to influence product development and to secure value for our clients.

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Smart Safes

Smart Safes are secure devices that automatically accept, validate, record and securely store cash.

An important first step in driving labor efficiencies through automating basic accounting tasks, Smart Safes are often a key component of our solutions for Small Format stores. As well as helping you to save time, reduce risk and increase accountability, visibility and control, Smart Safes also enable Deposita to capture detailed transactional data. When transferred to KOYUS®, enables Deposita to drive optimization across your entire cash ecosystem, often with little additional effort on your part.

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Beyond Hardware

Maximizing your return on investment.

Deposita’s holistic view ensures the focus on your return on investment continues long after hardware is in place. Our proven approach, powered by KOYUS®, incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand the impacts, interdependencies and opportunities across your entire cash ecosystem.

This is not a one-off task; we will continue to support you as your business navigates peaks and troughs, seasons and curve balls. The pandemic being one such example, where we have been working hand-in-hand with our customers to support their decision making processes and to take action to make sure their cash operations are tailored to meet the challenge at hand.

As a result, benefits delivered are significantly higher than hardware alone, and often with little extra effort on your part.

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The Deposita Impact

Labor Optimization

  • Reduce time spent handling cash, due to less counting, dispensing and basic accounting
  • Maximize time savings by reengineering end-to-end processes with Deposita’s expert team and data-driven approach powered by KOYUS®

Reduction in Reconciliation Exceptions

  • Error-proof cash handling processes via automation, enhanced via KOYUS®
  • Automate end-to-end reconciliation (with integration into KOYUS®)

CIT Cost Reduction

  • Save cost from fewer deposit pick-ups due to an optimized CIT schedule as a result of accurately forecasting cash needs via KOYUS®
  • Improve CIT provider performance with increased visibility of all activity via our Customer Center

Cash Leakage Reduction

  • Reduce opportunity for loss due to verified and secured funds
  • Full visibility of all activity and inventory via Deposita’s proprietary Customer Center, driven from data in KOYUS®

Reduction in Cash Processing Volumes

  • Reduce cross-shipping due to cash recycling and optimized inventory, facilitated by KOYUS®
  • Reduce cash volumes due to optimized inventory, driven from Deposita’s proprietary Inventory Management Methodology.

Extend the Solution Widen the Impact

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Digitalized Reconciliation

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Inventory Management

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Self Service Reporting and Analytics