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Self Service Reporting and Analytics

Making the invisible visible.

The saying ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’ is certainly true when it comes to cash. Many organizations have mature practices in place for measuring, monitoring and protecting physical cash but many are also yet to achieve breakthroughs in more subtle, but equally costly areas such as understanding true cash usage, trending cross shipping, establishing CIT performance against SLAs and quantifying exceptions, to name a few.
Deposita helps retailers to source, consolidate and leverage data from across all cash operations, end-to-end. In-store transactional data is fed into our market-leading cash management software platform, KOYUS®, where it is used not only to drive key parts of our solution but it is also transformed into meaningful reports and dashboards to support your team’s decision making processes. These are available via Deposita’s self-service reporting portal, Customer Center.
 With greater visibility and control, time savings follow along with more informed decision-making, reducing risk to employees, customers, partners, cash, and profits.
Explore the elements of this solution ‘building block’ below.

Complete End to End View

Break down the data silos

Deposita’s integrated solutions connect data sources across your entire cash ecosystem, from the front end through to your bank accounts, and back again, eliminating fragmented or siloed data capture.

By integrating systems and data flow, you can significantly reduce labor costs, accounting exceptions and opportunities for loss while also improving visibility and control.

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Self Service Portal

Visibility and control across your estate

Achieve visibility and control across your entire estate via Deposita’s market-leading self-service portal, Customer Center.

Using data from KOYUS®, Customer Center presents detailed dashboards, reports and transaction logs to provide you with real-time insights and control across your entire end-to-end. Reports cover a broad range of areas including (but not limited to): store operations; device management: inventory management; reconciliation; carrier management; banking services; and profit protection.

Our goal is to support your teams in making more informed decision making and in reducing risk to employees, customers, partners, cash and profits.

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superior Business Intelligence

Meaningful, manipulatable data, as and when you need it

Strengthen effective decision-making with access to manipulatable data from across your cash operations.

With over 80 reports available in Customer Center as standard, exporting data for your own use, or that is ingestible into other programs, could not be easier. Formats include: word, excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, CSV, XML, MHTML (and also data feed).


Proactive management across your estate

Support your locations and teams in proactively identifying and addressing issues by leveraging Deposita’s Alerting capability.

Powered by KOYUS®, Deposita leverages data to create ‘alerts’ across a range of areas to help monitor performance and to alert teams (ours or yours) if support and/or investigation might be needed. Alerts are easily configurable and can be sent directly in real time or consolidated into reports for further interrogation.

Instead of waiting for the location to log a call, or a support team to stumble on a trend, Deposita enables proactive action, limiting any impact and/or exposure, ultimately protecting your profits.

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The Deposita Impact

Labor Optimization

  • Reduce time associated with data collection, preparation and analysis
  • Improve data-driven insights into where your store associates’ time is spent and how to optimize it
  • Reduce the time needed to perform investigations

Working Capital Improvement

  • Gain data-driven insights into your entire cash position
  • Improve visibility of cash holdings across your estate, with the ability to drill down to store, department or till level.

Reduction in Reconciliation Exceptions

  • Reduce impact of costly exceptions with improved visibility and control


Cash Leakage Reduction

  • Full visibility of all activity and inventory, enabling proactive action and control

CIT Cost Reduction

  • Improve visibility of CIT service performance across your entire estate, with the ability to also drill down to specific markets, stores or individual CIT visits
  • Enhance performance management of CIT providers across your entire estate with the ability to consolidate data and also drill down to CIT provider, CIT depot or individual CIT visit.

Reduction in Cash Processing Volumes

  • Full visibility of all change orders and banking deposits.

Extend the Solution widen the Impact

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