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Off Price/Discount

Standardize and optimize cash management practices to fuel effective growth

With the rising overheads, changing consumer behaviour and a competitive landscape, rethinking your cash management practices for your off price/discount stores with Deposita offers you an opportunity to drive out cost and risk across your entire cash ecosystem, freeing up time and working capital for more value adding activities.

Your Challenges

Deposita works relentlessly to understand our client’s businesses. Our goal is to build solutions that truly address the challenges they face. 

Some challenges you might be facing, that we’ve recognized and addressed from our extensive work with clients in the Off Price/Discount sector include:

  • Adapting to changing consumer behavior, acutely impacted by the pandemic and a shift to multi-channel buying
  • Painstakingly managing operational costs given thin margins
  • Balancing general management responsibilities with the time needed to undertake crucial cash management processes
  • Walking the careful line between never running out of cash and ordering too much change
  • Managing high employee turnover 
  • Selecting the best partners to meet the needs of individual stores (e.g. banks and cash handling device providers)
  • Avoiding the unnecessary charges that come from cross shipping currency
  • Effectively managing the performance of CIT providers
  • Realizing the benefits of SCOs without taking on new, cumbersome back office management processes
  • Knowing how to increase visibility across your end-to-end cash operations given disjointed systems and siloed data
  • Validating whether making changes in one area will cause an issue up/down stream
  • Facilitating fast and data-driven decision making
  • Identifying and minimizing opportunities for cash leakage
  • Managing competing demands: Administrative V’s Customer Experience.

Transforming Your Entire Cash Ecosystem

At Deposita, we work in partnership with our client’s teams to design a solution that will address your challenges head-on, achieve your desired goals and ensure the best possible return on your investment.

Our experience naturally finds us thinking in terms of your entire cash ecosystem. We find that by focusing on the interdependencies across your cash ecosystem, as opposed to just one part, the returns can be significantly higher. And often with little extra effort on your part.

We’ve developed the ‘building blocks’ of our solution with this in mind and have ‘enablers’ underpinning all of them to make sure these building blocks are as impactful as possible, and that your teams are supported every step of the way.


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unlock new business benefit

Our benefits realization approach, powered by KOYUS®, is designed to help our clients maximize their return on investment in the areas of:

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We recognize every organization is unique. That’s why our approach is consultative and our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to explore how we can work together to achieve your goals.