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Digitalized Reconciliation

Eliminate errors and save time through true digitization

Fundamental to all cash management operations is the ability to reconcile. With the National Retail Federation reporting a surprising c.21% of annual shrinkage in the retail sector attributable to administrative and human error alone, reconciliation discrepancies can be costly, not to mention time consuming to both investigate and resolve.
Whether you reconcile to the lane or to the individual, want to fully digitalize or simplify reconciliation through automation, Deposita customizes solutions to meet your business needs, delivering labor savings and a reduction in cash leakage in the process.
Explore the elements of our solution that bring this to life below.

End to End Integration

Eliminate the time and error from manual reconciliation

Eliminate manual error and excessive time from your reconciliation processes via Deposita’s integrated solutions. With KOYUS®, Deposita can connect systems, hardware and data sources across your entire cash ecosystem, from the front end through to your bank accounts, and back again.

By integrating systems and data flow, you can significantly reduce labor costs, accounting exceptions and opportunities for loss while also improving visibility and control.

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Strong Partnerships

Launch robust solutions around existing infrastructure, fast

Take your reconciliation practices to the next level without comprising the investment already made in your existing technology infrastructure.

Deposita has a successful track record of integrating KOYUS® with an array of systems and devices, including many established POS systems, SCOs and Accounting Systems. With strong partnerships across many key technology players in the market, Deposita builds robust, integrated solutions fast.

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Change Management

Make impactful changes that last

Deposita is acutely aware that the introduction of any new technology, process transformation or amendments to operating procedures requires effective Change Management. That is why we have developed an in-house Training Team and Change Management capability.

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure together, we identify all change transitions, risks and impacts and collectively, work to ensure the new ways of working take root, avoiding unnecessary rework and disruption.

Using Deposita’s change management expertise and frameworks, you can be confident you will make your investment once and implement lasting changes

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Proactive management across your estate

Support your locations and teams in proactively identifying and addressing issues by leveraging Deposita’s Alerting capability.

Powered by KOYUS®, Deposita leverages data to create ‘alerts’ to highlight to your teams when support and/or investigation might be needed. With reconciliation, this could mean experiencing overages/shortages above a threshold or suspicious activity, to name a few. Instead of waiting for the location to log a call, or a support team to stumble on a trend, Deposita’s dedicated Reconciliation Team take proactive action, limiting any impact and/or exposure, ultimately protecting your profits.

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Self Service Reporting and Analytics

Visibility and control across your estate

Achieve visibility and control across your entire estate via Deposita’s market-leading self-service portal, Customer Center.

Using data from KOYUS®, Customer Center presents detailed dashboards, reports and transaction logs to provide you with real-time insights and control across your entire end-to-end. Our goal is to support your teams in making more informed decision making and in reducing risk to employees, customers, partners, cash and profits.

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The Deposita Impact

Labor Optimization

  • Eliminate time spent performing manual data entry (with integration into KOYUS®)
  • Eliminate the time working with fragmented data in multiple systems
  • Free the time consuming burden of managing exceptions

Reduction in Reconciliation Exception

  • Reduce cash overage/shortages due to more accurate counting and data capture
  • Eliminate accounting errors due to error-proofed cash handling and automation
  • Automate end-to-end reconciliation (with integrations into KOYUS®)

Cash Leakage Reduction

  • Reduce opportunity for loss and manual data entry errors via digitalized reconciliation
  • Full visibility of all activity and inventory via our Customer Center.

Extend the Solution widen the Impact

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