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Self Check-Out Integration

Digitalizing visibility, control and reconciliation of SCOs

As Self Check-Outs (SCOs) rose quickly in prominence, many retailers found they were playing catch up on how best to manage the cash within them. Often with standalone systems, processes and accounting practices, for many organizations SCOs have simplified the front end only to add more complexity and risk into cash operations.
Deposita has developed a cutting edge solution to help reduce the labor costs, reconciliation exceptions and risk associated with cash in SCOs. We help to reduce operating expenses and protect your profits while also improving working capital.
Explore the elements of this solution ‘building block’ below.

Multi Vendor Integration

Launch robust solutions around existing infrastructure, fast

Take your the management of your cash in SCOs to the next level without comprising investment already made in your existing infrastructure.

As a result of strong partnerships with multiple vendors in the market, Deposita has a successful track record of integrating KOYUS® with an array of systems and devices, helping us to build robust, integrated solutions fast.

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Visibility of SCO Inventory

Break down the SCO silo

Achieve visibility and control across your entire SCO estate via Deposita’s integrated solutions.

By connecting your SCO estate to KOYUS®, Deposita can provide you with real time visibility of your SCO cash inventory, by denomination and down to the penny. Removing the need to manually produce time consuming reports or perform unnecessary counting or management tasks, labor costs and risk are reduced.

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SCO Replenishment

Achieve accurate cash forecasting aligned with actual usage

With your SCO estate integrated into KOYUS®, Deposita’s proprietary Inventory Management Methodology enables us to forecast your exact cash needs for each and every SCO, down to the denomination level. With visibility increased and SCO mixes optimized, our clients turn their attention to streamlining how they manage their SCOs, including more streamlined methods of replenishment. Deposita clients typically save x mins per week per SCO.

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Digitalizing SCO Reconciliation

Eliminate the time and error from manual reconciliation

Once integrated with KOYUS®, Deposita can connect your SCOs to provide visibility of your entire cash ecosystem, from the front end through to your bank accounts, and back again.

By integrating systems and data flow, you can eliminate manual data entry. significantly reducing labor costs, accounting exceptions and opportunities for loss while also improving visibility and control.

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Change Management

Make impactful changes that last

Deposita is acutely aware that the introduction of any new technology, process transformation or amendments to operating procedures requires effective Change Management. That is why we have developed an in-house Training Team and Change Management capability.

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure together, we identify all change transitions, risks and impacts and collectively, work to ensure the new ways of working take root, avoiding unnecessary rework and disruption.

Using Deposita’s change management expertise and frameworks, you can be confident you will make your investment once and implement lasting changes

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Self Service Reporting and Analytics

Visibility and control across your estate

Achieve visibility and control across your entire estate via Deposita’s market-leading self-service portal, Customer Center.

Using data from KOYUS®, Customer Center presents detailed dashboards, reports and transaction logs to provide you with real-time insights and control across your entire end-to-end. Our goal is to support your teams in making more informed decision making and in reducing risk to employees, customers, partners, cash and profits.

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The Deposita Impact

Labor Optimization

  • Reduce time handling cash for SCOs, via optimized inventory, streamlined processes and automation
  • Eliminate time spent reconciling SCOs (with integrations with KOYUS®)
  • Free store teams from the time consuming burden of resetting SCOs

Reduction in Reconciliation Exceptions

  • Reduce SCO cash overage/shortages via digitalized reconciliation
  • Automate end-to-end reconciliation (with integrations with KOYUS®)

Cash Leakage Reduction

  • Reduce opportunity for loss via optimized inventory and proactive monitoring 
  • Full visibility of all activity and inventory via our Customer Center

Working Capital Improvement

  • Reduce cash holdings via optimized inventory 
  • Release cash back to the balance sheet via extending SCO inventory to ‘Bank Owned Cash’ calculations (subject to conditions).

Extend the Solution Widen the Impact

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Digitalized Reconciliation

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Inventory Management

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Profit Protection